Rice Milk Dangers And Side Effects: Benefits Of Homemade Rice Milk

Rice milk is derived from rice grains. In appearance, rice milk looks similar to regular dairy milk, that is, white and liquid in consistency. The milk is made from boiled rice or from brown rice starch. Rice milk can be prepared at home and it is also available commercially. Commercially available rice milk contains thickening agents, chemicals and preservatives. In many regions, rice milk is also called rice drink.

Commercially available rice milk can be found in two varieties, sweetened and unsweetened. Actually even the unsweetened variety of rice milk tastes slightly sweet.

This is due to the enzymatic process whereby the carbohydrate is converted to small amount of sugars and glucose.

Dangers And Side Effects Of Rice Milk

Rice milk has plenty of carbohydrate in comparison with dairy milk. Rice milk contains very less amount of protein, fats as well as minerals such as calcium. And thus rice milk cannot become a substitute for animal milk in a person who is able to digest it. For this reason many commercially prepared rice milk products are fortified with vitamins. Adding preservatives can be responsible for dangers of rice milk.

  • Rice milk dangerous for diabetics: as rice is packed with starch, rice milk will also contain the same. One cup of rice milk contains almost three times the amount of carbohydrate present in cow’s milk or soy milk. If you are suffering from diabetes, drinking rice milk may suddenly result into elevation of blood sugar. So instead, you should stick onto drinking cow’s milk or soy milk if you are diabetic.
  • Rice milk contains low proteins: since rice milk is low in its protein content, it may not be suitable for a growing child.
    Protein is considered to be a building block for growth in children.
  • Homemade rice milk is deficient in calcium unless you use commercially prepared fortified rice milk. Therefore, those who require calcium such as a growing child and pregnant mother may find difficult to cope the body requirement of calcium only with rice milk.
  • Since most rice milk products contain artificial sweeteners, a calorie conscious person should be aware of putting on weight by drinking rice milk.

Health Benefits Of Homemade Rice Milk

  • Rice milk is considered to be a best hypoallergenic form of milk. It is beneficial to drink rice milk if you are allergic to soy milk or cow milk. Those who have casein or lactose intolerance, they can rely on rice milk.
  • Rice milk is free from cholesterol. One cup of rice milk contains only one gram of fat. Whatever fat rice milk contains is composed of unsaturated fat.  It is good for heart function. The magnesium present in rice milk is useful in controlling high blood pressure.
  • Brown rice contains high amount of B vitamins and thus rice milk is also rich source of B vitamins. Vitamin B is helpful in conducting good nerve function, and body’s other metabolic processes.
  • Rice milk for weight loss: rice milk is low in calories. It is great for those trying to lose weight. If you desire to shed few pounds of fats quickly, add rice milk to your daily nutritional requirement. Of course performing physical exercise is of great importance.
  • Immune system improvement: as rice milk is high in certain minerals such as selenium and magnesium, it enhances the immune system. This provides resistance to invasion of bacteria and viruses invading your body.

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