Healthy Protein Diet For Women And Daily Diet Plan To Lose Weight

A protein diet plan is the most powerful and natural way for women who desire to lose weight, especially if it is accompanied with exercise routine. Usually, many women do not follow protein diet plan because they believe it is only meant for those who are in bodybuilding. However, it is not true, women who want to remain lean and thin or women who want to lose weight can follow protein diet plan without any hesitancy.

Protein is one of the essential nutrients required by the body for growth and development of muscles and tissues.

Eating protein food provides strength and energy to our body. Combining high protein diet plan with moderate exercise assure you to remain fit and lean, it burns your fat without burning your muscle mass.

Protein Diet For Weight Loss

Most of the food that we eat in its natural form contains three essential nutrients needed by our body and they are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You have to choose your diet plan that consists more of protein as compared to carbs and fats. When the instant source of energy (carbohydrates) is restricted, your body finds another energy source in the form of stored fats and proteins.

Exercise and intake of protein food supports the muscles while only stored fat is burnt. It also slows down your digestion and insulin which helps to burn the fat from the body. Thus it accomplishes the desired weight loss. Some foods are forbidden for women who are on protein diet, they are: absolute no-no to sweets, ice-cream, chocolates, candies, cakes, pastries and other refined sugar containing foods. Also bread, pastas and pizzas, French fries and other fried food items should be avoided.

Healthy Protein Diet Menu For Women

How much protein is needed for a protein diet plan?

It may depend from one person to another, however in a broader sense, it depends on the age of women, her lifestyle (sedentary or active), as well as her health condition.

Daily protein requirement for normal women who are sedentary is 46 grams, women doing active work and moderate exercise may require 57 to 60 grams, while a women who are doing muscle building exercise may require 1 gram of protein per every pound of her body weight.

Following are some of the high protein diet foods that are useful for women desiring loss of weight. These foods also provide all the essential amino acids.

  • Meat- preferably lean meat which contains high quality of protein. Avoid red meat. You can eat chicken, veal.
  • Fish: tuna, salmon, mackerel, and other sea foods contain good quality proteins.
  • Egg white is also rich source of protein and vitamin.
  • Dairy products with low fats: low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, low fat milk and low fat tofu.
  • Seeds and nuts: they contain high amount of protein and fibers. They also contain carbohydrates and essential fats that balance all the nutrient requirement of the body. Eat them in their natural form or roasted form. Eating almonds, pistachio, peanuts, etc. between your meals as snacks can reduce your hunger pangs.
  • Vegetables and fruits: though they are not high source of proteins, vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals such as B-complex, vitamin A, C, iron, magnesium etc. which help proper absorption and metabolism of protein in your body.

Daily Diet Plan For Women To Lose Weight

A day plan for protein diet food for women planning to lose weight:

  • Breakfast: 8 am: one whole egg or one egg white mixed in 1 cup of low fat milk; two slice of brown bread. No sugar in milk.
  • 10 am: few pieces of fresh fruits, low fat yogurt or cottage cheese and tomatoes.
  • Lunch 12 to 1 pm: chicken sandwich, chicken gravy with rice, a bowl of beans, plenty of fresh salad.
  • 4 pm: seeds and nuts, tea or coffee without sugar, a slice of brown bread, one egg white.
  • Dinner 8 pm: baked, barbequed or boiled meat or fish, bean or tofu soup, salads, whole grain bread.

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