Reasons For Protein Deficiency: Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Proteins which consist of amino acids and polymers are essential components of living cells. A deficiency in protein can lead to a host of health issues such as growth impairment and tissue damage. If the syndrome remains untreated for long, it can pose life-threatening risks to health.

Protein deficiency is mostly reported in people living in developing countries. It is also common among people belonging to impoverished communities in certain developed countries and among aged people with less access to nourishing food.

The main cause of protein deficiency is poor or inadequate diet.

Prime function of the animal body is to store nutrients. A person who is deprived of essential nutrients due to poor diet is sure to experience protein deficiency disorder. However, the deficiency is generally noticed after prolonged malnutrition or lack of proper or adequate food intake.

People born with some genetic disorders also experience this ailment. Most often certain diseases which cause loss of appetite and muscle breakdown also trigger protein deficiency.

Symptoms Of Protein Deficiency

Protein deficiency may show up a number of symptoms ranging from physical to emotional and mental. Some significant symptoms caused by deficiency of protein in human body are edema and weight loss. Edema which is primarily triggered by imbalance of water due to protein deficiency in the body is a swelling caused by excessive accumulation of fluid in tissues, cells and serous cavities.

Weight loss is another basic symptom of protein deficiency. It is chiefly characterized by muscle wastage. Protein deficiency in the body is marked by muscle break down in order to obtain protein from them, resulting in weight loss.

Protein deficiency patients also experience health disorders such as brittle hair, ridges or white lines in nails, pale skin and skin rashes. Protein deficiency can also lead to slow healing, physical weakness, sleep disorder and anemia.

Some mental or emotional symptoms attributed to the disorder include anxiety, severe depression and crankiness.

Natural Treatment For Deficiency Of Protein

Deficiency of Protein can effectively be cured with the help of balanced diet comprising protein rich foods. People with protein deficiency disorder need to consume high protein foods such as meat, egg, milk, peanuts, chicken, fish, soy products and sea foods on daily basis.

The amount of daily protein intake varies from one individual to another and so consulting a nutritionist becomes necessary. The recommended amount of daily protein intake for a protein deficiency patient will be higher than what is recommended for a normal adult or a child.

For acute cases of protein deficiency, high protein foods such as lobster, steak, roasted goose, skinless turkey, salmon and pork sausages are recommended.

Some vegetarian foods that are very effective in rebuilding muscles are soya beans, yoghurt, tofu, banana and cheese.

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