Nutritional Facts Of Red Lobster: Health Benefits Of Eating Lobster

When it comes to eating seafood, almost every American is aware of the famous chain of seafood joint, namely Red lobster. Started by Bill Darden, a seafood lover in the year 1968, in the state of Florida, this famous seafood restaurant has spread its tentacles across United States.

It is now a chain of restaurant having 680 locations across USA, and Canada. It is a quality conscious sea food joint which serves seafood produce from many countries of the world. As the name suggest, Red lobster is famous for its lobster dishes, and red lobster in particular.

These lobsters are caught from Maine and coasts of Nova Scotia.

Nutritional Facts Of Red Lobster

Lobsters are large marine animals having ten legs, of which two of them develop into claws. This marine animal is found in any ocean; however red lobsters of Maine are more succulent and meaty. Lobsters are famous for its texture and flavor. Red Lobsters live in the muddy and rocky bottom of the ocean. They are approximately 10 to 12 inches long. The main food for lobster is mollusks, fish and other small sea worms. There are large variety of culinary dishes made from lobsters such as red lobster soups, lobster rolls, and lobster Bisques.

Just like other marine animals, lobsters and red lobsters in particular are known for their nutritional health benefits. They posses high amount of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals besides proteins that are useful for humans. Here is red lobster nutrition information:

100gm of red lobster contains: 100 kcal.

  • Carbohydrate= 0 g.
  • Fats=0.5g.
  • Saturated fat=0.10g.
  • Monosaturated fat =0.10g.
  • Polyunsaturated=0.17g.
  • Protein = 20g.
  • B vitamins: B2=4mg, B3=4mg, B6=4mg, niacin=4mg, B12.
  • Minerals: calcium=5mg, phosphorus=15mg, zinc=15mg, magnesium=10mg, iron=2mg.

Health Benefits Of Eating Lobster

From the above red lobster nutrition information, it is clear that lobster meat is rich in protein and less in fat and carbohydrates.

  • It is a useful food for those who are recommended to eat low carbohydrate and low fatty food.
  • Red lobster is high in omega-3 fatty acids. It is beneficial for heart and brain. Omega 3 fatty acid prevents clot formation in the blood. It is useful to lower the triglyceride and bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • High amount of Zinc in lobsters increases the immune system, boosts the brain cells function. Zinc found in red lobster also benefits and enhances a person’s reproductive and sexual function.
  • Red lobster contains high amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus is useful for better and strong bones and teeth. Eating red lobster also increases the metabolic activity and kidney function due to its phosphorus content. Those who are suffering from arthritis pain find relief in their pain from eating red lobster, thanks to its phosphorus content.
  • The vitamins B2, B6, B12 present in lobster are beneficial in production of red blood cells as well as maintaining a healthy nervous system. Thus if you are suffering from anemia, eating red lobster is a good proposition. Besides, eating lobster also prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other senile neurological problems.
  • Copper and selenium present in red lobster help to enhance the immune system and keep various germs at bay from harming the body.

From the above nutritional facts, eating lobster is not only having a delicious food, good flavor and taste but a comprehensive nutritional food having healthy nutrients.

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