Leptin Foods And Weight Loss: Foods That Increase Leptin Sensitivity

There was lot of furor with the discovery of the hormone leptin in the year 1994. It was considered to be a magic bullet for reducing weight and people thought they may lose weight just by ingesting leptin foods. In Greek, leptin means thin, and thus scientists felt leptin would be the right name for this protein hormone as it regulates the body’s weight.

There are many obese people who would like to know about leptin foods. But to tell you the fact, leptin is prepared in the fat cells of the body, and the body has no ability to absorb leptin from the foods.

For that matter, there is no food that contains leptin. What we are talking in a real sense is foods that can help to increase or decrease leptin sensitivity.

Let us understand how leptin works in our body. By now we have come to know that leptin is produced in the fat cells. Leptin travels through the blood to reach the brain. Leptin stimulates the brain to send signals to the digestive system that the stomach is full and your body does not require any more food. Soon your appetite decreases and you feel satiated. It also signals the body to burn the fuel. In this way leptin helps you to curb your appetite and metabolize the consumed food in an efficient manner, leading to weight loss.

Foods That Increase Leptin Sensitivity

Now let’s talk about leptin foods: in fact what we are talking about is foods that increase the leptin sensitivity. These foods help the body to process the leptin more efficiently. The three most important foods that help to do this job are fish, pulses, and green leafy vegetables.

  • Fish: studies have shown that people who eat fish have low level of leptin in their body.
    It is probably the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish that helps the leptin to work efficiently. Eating salmon, tuna, mackerel, and halibut is therefore beneficial. It has also been observed that those who do not eat fish have high level of leptin even if their calorie intake and weight of the body are same with those eating fish.
  • Whole grains: as they are natural and there is no processing of grains involved, the leptin sensitivity is increased. Brown rice, whole meal pasta, buckwheat are some of the leptin sensitive foods.
  • Pulses and legumes: high amount of pulses and lentils such as pinto beans, Lima, chickpeas, kidney beans. Taking these sprouts in your breakfast helps to restore and replenish leptin sensitivity. For vegetarians pulses and legumes are the great source of protein.
  • Green leafy vegetables that are rich in fibers help to utilize leptin, and thus increase its sensitivity.

Leptin Supplements And Weight Loss

Foods that decrease leptin sensitivity consist of high carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, food prepared from white flour, processed foods that are rich in sugars. Even eating large meals, eating too frequently decreases leptin sensitivity. It all helps to increase in weight of a person.

Leptin supplements: since leptin is not absorbed in the intestine, use of leptin supplements is still questionable issue. Most of the products available in the markets as leptin supplements are aimed to optimize your health so that your body begins to respond to leptin, and feel satiated easily.

Leptin supplements are not fully proven and FDA does not endorse this products. Rather than taking leptin supplements it is always better to reduce insulin resistance and lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. To reduce insulin resistance you have to eat less sugar. High triglyceride does not allow proper delivery of leptin to the brain. Reducing triglyceride will help easy transportation of leptin to the brain.

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