How To Improve Thyroid Function And Diet For Underactive Thyroid

Thyroid is an important gland in human body which regulates various metabolic activities. It also influences the body temperature. Thyroid secrets hormones T3 and T4, both when secreted in normal amount help to burn fat, protein and produce energy for our body needs.

When thyroid function is decreased, it results in a condition called hypothyroidism. In this condition the body is unable to burn body fats as it used to do, the consequence is unexplained weight gain. Lot of other symptoms such as sensitivity to cold, headaches, constant feeling of fatigue, hair loss, swollen eyes, thick skin etc occurs.

Such symptoms are hardly considered serious and are often neglected or thought to be temporary deviation of health. For this reason most of the time thyroid disease remains under diagnosed.

There are various factors that play a role in maintaining normal thyroid function. These factors include diet, environmental chemicals, exercise, psychological factors, place where you stay etc. While disease such as hypothyroidism has no permanent cure, regular intake of medication as well eating a diet which is thyroid friendly helps in curtailing further deterioration of thyroid function. Below are given various ways to improve thyroid function naturally.

Foods That Increase Thyroid Function

  • Eating a healthy diet is essential for good functioning of thyroid. Iodine is undoubtedly helpful in maintaining good thyroid function. But iodine should be introduced in organic form. All food that contains iodine should be consumed liberally. Asparagus, carrots, garlic, onion, oats, pineapple, whole rice, seafood such as cod, tuna, and shrimp are good source of iodine. Iodized salt is also a source of iodine.
  • For a better functioning of thyroid, amino acid tyrosine is also necessary. Eat peanuts, beef, eggs, poultry etc.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits, preferably organically grown.
    Radish is a good choice for increasing the thyroid function.
  • Use of coconut oil and olive oil is a good choice when your thyroid is not functioning properly.
  • Watercress is found to be valuable in correcting thyroid functioning.
  • Dandelion is another valuable vegetable source for better functioning of thyroid.

Certain foods have to be eliminated from your diet, in order for better functioning of thyroid gland. Avoid processed food, fruits and vegetables that are treated with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Avoid food articles prepared from white flour, white sugar, fried and oily food, excess of tea and coffee as well as alcohol.

Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout and other cruciferous vegetables are known to reduce thyroid function in case if the thyroid functioning is already less. Avoid such vegetables in such circumstances.

Natural Ways To Improve Under-active Thyroid

Exercise: exercising regularly increases metabolic activity.  Exercise makes tissues sensitive to hormones and due to this thyroid starts producing more hormones. Walking, swimming is good form of exercises that can restore a malfunctioning thyroid in order.

Yoga and meditation: Stress and strain can affect thyroid functioning. Reduce stress and strain. Practice meditation to reduce stress. Also some of the yoga Asanas helps in reviving the dysfunctional thyroid gland.

Herbs: Some of the natural herbs that are found helpful in better thyroid functioning include Bladder wrack, licorice root, Kelp, Spirulina, Black Cohosh, Siberian ginseng etc.

Vitamins: Supplementary vitamin B complex and minerals such as iron, Zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium are important when the thyroid if malfunctioning.

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