Is Fasting Good Or Bad For Health: How To Know When To Stop Fasting

Fasting is a common method of restoring the body’s normal functioning. It might include only drinking water, drinking juices, eating fruits or eating any one food group through a fixed period of time. Fasting is basically giving your body and your digestive system a rest. Fasting could mean you eat nothing at all for a fixed duration or you eat light food or you eat any one food group. Any of these choices mean your body basically has to digest lesser food than it usually does.

This break to the body primarily helps the body to detoxify.

Detox would mean helping the body release to the toxins or the harmful elements in the body, helping the bodily systems to come back to normal.

Fasting can benefit but it can also cause harm and long term damage if you do not pay heed to signs that require you to stop fasting. Fasting repetitively or frequently can cause permanent damage to the body. Some immediate signs will tell you that you should stop fasting. These signs include feeling dizzy continuously, feeling nauseous, feeling faint, vomiting, burning sensation in the stomach, diarrhea, chest pain, abdominal pain or even stomach pain. These are physical symptoms that tell you to stop fasting immediately.

Lifestyle change or medical factors also play a role in fasting. If you start to travel a lot or stay outdoors for long periods, fasting might not be a good idea. You need proper rest and access to facilities when you are fasting or detoxifying. Being outdoor might prevent that. If you get your periods, as a woman, fasting won’t be a good idea. During menstruation, your body loses a lot of blood and becomes weak. Inadequate nourishment can lead to long term damage.

People often fast for religious reasons too and tend to disregard signs of damage. It’s important to keep in mind that not fasting today might help you life a longer life rather than fasting for a religious purpose but damaging your health permanently. Fad diets should also be discouraged. Just drinking water or juices through the day, for instance, can cause a lot more harm than the benefits of that fast. Long term fasts with fad diets can often lead to irreparable damage to the body including damaging your immune system, your skin and your hair.

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