Does Eating Spinach Cause Gas And Bloating? How To Prevent It?

Spinach, the vegetable with green smooth textured leaves is popular among one and all for its health benefits. It is a great source of iron and other vital minerals important for body. However on the flip side eating too much of spinach is often blamed to cause gases. Spinach has high content of dietary fiber.

Generally foods that are difficult to digest tend to produce gases in stomach. Foods that are rich in fiber do not break down completely during digestive process and thus there is tendency to form gas. Since this green leafy vegetable is high in fiber, eating too much of it may lead to gasses and bloating.

Spinach is not the only vegetable which is blamed to form gas when eaten in excess. There are several other fruits and vegetables that may form gas. One of the prominent is beans and lentils. Corn, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, onion, garlic are also difficult to digest or take time for digestion and thus have tendency to form gas.

Although the body needs fibers for healthy digestive process, eating excess of fiber products can upset the stomach. If you eat too much of spinach at a time, there are chances that you may have cramps in abdomen and stomach and passage of flatus. Even it may lead to diarrhea after eating large amount of spinach. In the battle of abdominal bloat and gasses one needs to know how to tolerate and enjoy spinach and other gas forming foods.

How To Prevent Gas And Bloating From Spinach?

  • The digestion of food partly begins in your mouth itself. Therefore it is important to chew your food well. The saliva in your mouth contains certain enzymes which helps the breakdown of food that you eat. Also the more you chew your food it breaks down in small pieces. It helps the digestive system to work less and absorb the nutrients efficiently.
  • Reduce stress as it is an important factor in inhibiting efficient digestion. Your stomach and intestinal muscles should be relaxed to work efficiently. If you are under stress and strain try to reduce them by practicing yoga, meditation and Thai chi.
  • While eating spinach, include it with foods that are hardest to breakdown. It will ensure that maximum amount of stomach acid and digestive enzymes are available for breakdown of food. So when you have to eat spinach, include it with a big meal instead of consuming it with or as salad. If you eat it as salad or include it as one of the ingredient of salad, then there is large amount of stomach acid and enzymes available for lesser amount of food to breakdown. Therefore in many traditions, people eat large meals first and reserve salads at the last.
  • Drink a glassful of water each time when you eat spinach. Water will help to reduce gas by increasing the efficiency of the gut to process and digest the food as soon as possible.
  • Together with spinach add ginger in your diet. Ginger is believed to calm and sooth the digestive system.

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