What Can Toddlers Eat After Throwing Up? Diet After Vomiting

There could be several factors that cause your child to throw up, some of which include overeating, the flu, a cold, cough, minor stomach ailments and food sensitivities. Some of the causes of toddlers throwing up could be a more serious and may need to be treated by a doctor. However, as a parent you are probably concerned about what to feed your toddler after vomiting, as you do not want him to stay on an empty stomach for a long period of time.

Your child may be reluctant to try any food at all soon after being sick and you should avoid forcing him, or he will end up vomiting again.

If he is willing to eat or drink anything, you need to ensure that you do not give him any foods that may make him throw up again. Since something is obviously bothering your little one’s tummy, it is best to avoid giving him any foods for a while; this gives your child’s stomach some time to recover.

Since vomiting can cause dehydration, try to make sure that your toddler has some plain water around 15 to 20 minutes after he throws up. Encourage your little one to take a few sips of water after every 5 or 10 minutes. Wait for at least half an hour or so before giving your child anything else to eat or drink. Once your child has gone on for a couple of hours without being sick, you can give him larger amounts of liquid.

What To Feed Toddler After Vomiting?

Do not give your child milk or other dairy products soon after he throws up. Milk can cause your little one to get sick immediately again. Several kids face the same problem with juice, which is why that should be avoided too.

The BRAT diet is the most highly recommended toddler diet after vomiting.

This diet comprises of Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce and Toast. These foods are light on your little one’s tummy and will reduce the risks of him getting sick again. Given below are some of the other foods that should be included in a toddler diet after vomiting:

  • Chicken broth or vegetable stock.
  • Dry cereal without sugar.
  • Crackers.
  • Digestive biscuits.
  • Fresh fruit.

In addition to milk and other dairy products there are some foods that should be strictly avoided from a toddler’s diet after vomiting. These foods include:

  • Fried and greasy foods.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Chocolate.
  • Sweets.

If your child continues to vomit in spite of following this diet, it is important for you to speak with a doctor immediately. If you do see an improvement in your toddler with this diet, it is best to follow it for a day or two.

Some causes of toddler vomiting are quite serious and should be checked by a doctor without any delay. Seek immediate emergency assistance in case you notice blood or ground coffee-like substance in your child’s vomit.

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