Causes Of Wisdom Tooth Abscess: Its Symptoms And Home Treatment

Wisdom tooth abscess can occur as a result of decay and infection in wisdom tooth. It is a very painful condition and needs immediate treatment. Dental surgeon may extract the tooth if necessary after treating the infection.

Following are the main causes of wisdom tooth abscess:

  • Wisdom tooth can decay due to bad oral hygiene. Cavity is formed in the tooth leading to infection if left untreated. Plaques are formed in our mouth continuously, which contain bacteria. These bacteria thrive on the sugar content of the food that we consume. These bacteria produce certain acid which destroys our tooth enamel over the period of time.
  • Wisdom tooth can also decay after trauma to the tooth or when the tooth is cracked or chipped off. Bacteria can invade center of the tooth due to damaged enamel and cause infection. Severe and persistent infection may go further down and infect the root of the wisdom tooth and lead to formation of abscess where pus is collected. Pus is a collection dead tissue, dead or alive bacteria and white blood cells.

Symptoms Of A Tooth Abscess

  • Patient experiences severe pain in affected wisdom tooth. Pain could be ranging from dull to severe. Throbbing or shooting pain is experienced.
  • Pain may be associated with fever and chills.
  • Affected region will be swollen and tender to touch.
  • Patient may have difficulty while opening the mouth and difficulty in chewing from affected side.
  • One may see swollen glands in neck.
  • Patient may have foul breath.
  • There may be bitter taste in mouth.
  • Tooth may become hypersensitive to cold or hot food and drinks.
  • Surrounding gum will be red and swollen.
  • There will be referred pain in jaw and ear.
  • Pain is aggravated on closing the mouth tightly.

Complications: Infection may spread to bones of jaw causing osteomyelitis.

Infection may also spread to soft facial tissue. Rarely infection can spread to other parts of the body causing endocarditis or brain abscess or sepsis.

Diagnosis: Dentist will examine your oral cavity. Tapping on affected tooth will increase the pain. X-ray of affected tooth will show the extent of damage to the affected tooth as well as it will help to confirm the diagnosis.

Wisdom Tooth Abscess Home Treatment

Antibiotics are given to treat infection. Anti-inflammatory drugs will help to reduce pain and swelling.

  • Doctor’s aim will be to cure infection and to save your tooth. Root canal treatment can be done.
  • Doctor may drain the abscess if necessary. Sometimes extraction of tooth is necessary.
  • Prompt treatment will help to prevent further complications.
  • One can chew clove or apply clove oil locally to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Warm salt water gargles will help to reduce pain.
  • Get yourself checked regularly by dentist to detect cavities and treat them at the earliest.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Rinse your mouth after eating food or drinking tea, cold drinks etc.
  • Massage your gums regularly with your finger to improve circulation and to keep them healthy.

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