Why do British Have Bad Teeth Is that a Myth or Reality?

The fact that British have bad teeth can be traced down to how the healthcare system works in England. The National Health System provides free medical care (or at least highly subsidized medical care) to all British citizens. While the health system pays for the most complex of procedures, it doesn’t pay for dental care services. This often is considered to be one of the reasons why British have bad teeth. Dental care is one of the most expensive healthcare services in the United Kingdom and it is not provided or is poorly subsidized by the NHS.

Why do British have Bad Teeth?

In Britain, unlike the rest of the world, healthcare services are provided by the government, which means that individuals don’t have to pay out of pocket. NHS is the largest provider of healthcare services in the country and is a government body. Healthcare services are funded through taxation. However one of the factors contributing to the myth that British have bad teeth is associated with the fact that the NHS doesn’t cover dental care services. In order to cater for dental care needs, British population has to shell money out of pocket and at times, it is very expensive.

In addition to the structure of the health system, there are several other factors that contribute to bad teeth,

  • Increased consumption of unhealthy foods like processed foods, fried foods, tinned and canned foods has been a contributing factor. Changing life style patterns and consuming foods high in preservatives have a detrimental impact on the dental health.
  • Oral hygiene is very important to ensure healthy teeth. However, British are infamous for poor oral hygiene, which is also a contributing factor.
  • Excessive consumption of aerated drinks including cola, soda, etc, tends to have a detrimental impact on bone mineralization, especially the teeth.
    This practice has resulted in increased incidences of poor dental health for the British.

Do British have Bad Teeth Inbreeding

Unlike the American health system, which is largely dependent on private health insurance, health care services in England is rationed through the NHS. Using rationed and public health services are presumed to have relatively poor standards compared to American health system and are often associated with long waiting time and limited options for remedies.

Further, dental care is not a part of the NHS and hence British population has to pay highly exorbitant fees for dental care. This prevents them for using dental services unless it is very essential. British people don’t whiten their teeth as often as Americans do.

This is considered to one of the most important contributing factor to bad teeth among the British. However, British bad teeth are not related to any genetic factors or any theory of inbreeding.

British have Bad Teeth Is that a Myth?

Bad teeth and British people is definitely a myth. Not all British people have bad teeth. However, British people avoid or at least delay dental care primarily since it is not covered under the NHS or because they have to pay high copayment bills. Unless bad teeth contribute to life threatening conditions or impact the cosmetic value of the face significantly, British people generally avoid going to the dentist.

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