Sore Teeth And Gums With Flu: Its Causes, Symptoms And Remedies

There are a host of factors that are responsible for soreness in the teeth and gums. While soreness of teeth and gums is not very uncommon, the condition can be managed promptly using simple home remedies and natural treatments. Soreness of teeth is often considered to be a sign of more severe oral disease.

Pain in teeth and gums can be attributed to a variety of causative factors, which can range from nutritional deficiencies to poor oral hygiene. Sometimes remote cause such as flu can make your gums and teeth sore. With pain in gums and teeth you may not be able to eat and chew your food properly; as a result intake of food is compromised.

Having sore teeth for long period may lead to nutritional deficiency and thus various health issues may develop.

Reasons For Sore Gums And Teeth

While there are a wide range of causes that are associated with soreness of teeth and gums, some of the more frequently observed causes are:

  • Nutritional deficiency: Deficiency of Vitamin B12 is considered to be one of the primary factors responsible for sore gums
  • Tooth problem: Soreness of gums and teeth can be attributed to tooth related problems which include dental caries and cavities. Injury and trauma can result in cracks in the tooth, which can also contribute to soreness of the gums and tooth.
  • Dentition: Soreness of gums and teeth is also observed when new teeth erupt. While this is observed in younger children, the condition might also be experienced by adults, especially when the wisdom tooth emerges.
  • Poor oral hygiene increases the risk of oral infections like gingivitis, which in turn can result in soreness of the gums.
  • Some other habits including smoking, alcohol consumption, etc are also linked with sore teeth and gums.
  • Influenza (flu) can be a reason for pain in teeth and gums. When flu symptoms remain for long duration, there is a risk of infection in sinuses.
    In sinusitis, the mucus lining of sinuses becomes inflamed. More mucus is secreted and gets blocked. Excessive built up of mucus in maxillary sinus can give intense pain in the sinus which lies just above the upper teeth. Thus patient feels pain in teeth and gums even if there is no cavity in the tooth.

Symptoms Of Sore Teeth And Gums With Flu

While soreness of teeth and gums are primarily associated with sensation of pain in the mouth, there are occasionally some other symptoms which may be associated with the condition, depending upon the cause:

  • Long standing flu can lead to sinusitis. Toothache due to sinusitis have other associated symptoms such as tenderness in cheekbones, thick yellow mucus discharge from nose, frontal headache, fever, gum pain.
  • Bleeding may be experienced in some cases, when soreness is associated with injury or trauma.
  • Burning sensation on consuming any kind of warm or spicy foods may be experienced when sore gums are associated with ulcers in the mouth, often common in people suffering from flu.
  • In severe cases, soreness of the gums and teeth may be associated with difficulty in talking and eating.

In most cases soreness of teeth and gums is a self-limiting disorder and resolves spontaneously within a few days. However in other cases, remedies may be required.

Natural Remedies For Sore Gums And Teeth

Here are some simple home remedies and natural treatments that are considered to be beneficial in management of sore teeth and gums.

  • Use a mixture of salt and baking soda to clean your teeth. This will help keep your teeth cleaner and also have a soothing effect.
  • Massage the gums with Vitamin E oil. Use your fingers to rub the gums in circular motion. Massage promotes blood circulation to the gums and hastens the healing process.
  • Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C supplements are very important to hasten healing process of sore gums and teeth. Vitamin C boosts immunity while vitamin B12 hastens healing of the gum tissue. Alternatively include natural sources of these supplements in your diet. Vitamin C is found beneficial as it enhances healing of inflamed lining of sinuses.
  • Avoid sugars and sweet items. Also avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol, as they worsen sinusitis.
  • Inhale steam once or two times in a day. Steam relieves the congested sinus and thus the pressure on upper jawbone and teeth.

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