Home Remedies for Pain Relief from Bad or Infected Toothache

Bad Toothache

Bad toothaches can be a sign of infection of the gums, tooth decay or a sinus problem. Although the tooth’s condition can be affected by different factors, toothaches are commonly caused by dental plaques and caries.

Dental plaques are gelatin-like substances that attaches to the teeth. This is the primary cause of tooth damage. Dental plaques arise when there is a microbial build-up occurring in the oral cavity. Acid reflux from the stomach, vomiting or ingesting acidic drinks and citrus fruits may damage tooth enamel along with dental plaque formation. The enamel is the hardest mineral substance in the human body, and its purpose is to protect the teeth from tooth decay.

Increased sensitivity to hot and cold drinks is one sign of decreasing tooth enamel.

Dental plaque build-up may become severe and the damage may continue reaching the inner parts of the tooth. Holes may form from the enamel until the dentin. Small dental cavities or caries may not cause pain; however, if it reaches the pulp (inner most part) it may become irritated by food or bacterial accumulation. This causes pain as blood vessels and nerves are located there.

Bad Toothache Remedies for Pain Relief

Sometimes, diversion may help reduce pain.

  • The patient may make use of ice cubes by rubbing it between their forefinger and thumb—this overwhelms the pain impulses travelling the nerve pathways in the body.
  • Application of a garlic clove with rock salt also relieves toothache–garlic has an analgesic and antibiotic effect. The garlic cloves, preferably two, must be pounded so that the juice comes out and a pinch of rock salt should be added to it before applying directly to the affected tooth. A garlic-mouthwash can also be made by crushing 4 to 10 garlic cloves in half-filled glass of cold water.
  • Onion has an antimicrobial property as well. This can help control and decrease bacterial activity in the affected tooth if the cause of the toothache is an infection.

These home remedies can be very helpful to those who are suffering toothache. However, the decision on trying to have home interventions for its management should be discussed by the patient to the physician first. In addition to this, if the pain is enough to wake an individual up at night, or is causing severe discomfort, it is best to seek medical attention as it may suggest a more serious condition.

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