Underarm Body Odor In Children: Causes And Treatment Of Body Odor

It is unusual for a child before he attains puberty to smell like we all adults do, especially bad odor from his underarm. No matter how well they maintain personal hygiene, some children are prone to emit foul smell from their body. Many times the child feels ashamed and this leads to his withdrawal from the social surrounding. He tries to remain aloof, does not mix or play with his friends. The situation is not only disturbing to the child, but also distressing for the parents. It is necessary for the parents to know the reason behind foul body odor in their child.

What Causes Underarm Odor In Children?

Sweat is believed by many to be a reason for foul body odor, however to tell you the fact, sweat is odorless. Than what is it that produces body odor? Well it is the bacteria on the skin surface that has to be blamed. When sweat and bacteria react with each other, it can produce foul smell.

  • The sweat glands in children are not well developed before their puberty, especially in their underarms and the groin area. However, during puberty, there is enhanced secretion of androgen, a hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristic and activating the sweat glands to produce more sweat. Bacteria present in the underarms react with the sweat and produce the foul smell in children attaining puberty.
  • Foods: when a child eats food containing garlic and onions that have strong odor. After digestion the smell seeps in the skin pores, giving rise to bad body odor.
  • Diabetes in children: it is one of the reasons, where ketone is excreted in the sweat and urine. If you find your child’s breath and sweat smelling fruity, he needs to be examined by the pediatrician, to rule out diabetes.
  • Phenylketonuria: a rare metabolic disorder. Due to lack of certain enzyme, the body is not able to break an amino acid phenylalanine present in food.
    Excess built up of phenylalanine can cause strong body odor in a child.
  • Precocious puberty: certain children develop puberty at an early age. Hormonal changes occur early in these children leading to early secondary sexual characteristics.

How To Treat Body Odor In Children Naturally?

Many parents prefer natural remedial measures for their children to solve the problem of body odor. However it depends on what the cause is, for children suffering from bad body odor. Simple measures that can restrain body odor in children are:

  • Sometimes milk contains hormones, drinking this milk regularly can be a reason for your child to emit strong body odor from his underarm. In such as case the best way to reduce the odor is to give him hormone free milk.
  • If your child has the habit of drinking milk daily, it is better to give him organic milk, if he is smelling too foul.
  • Consult your pediatrician to find whether your child is suffering from any metabolic disease.
  • Diluted essential oil in bath water will help to mask the foul smell emitting from your child.
  • Add two cups of sage tea in a bath tub. Let your child bathe in this water. It helps to treat the body odor in children naturally.
  • The child should take regular daily bath and wash his clothes daily.
  • Do not use any deodorants and antiperspirants for your child.

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