Reasons For Sweating In Infants: Natural Ways To Stop It?

The sight of a child sleeping peacefully is quite heartwarming for any parent. Yet, leaving the infant unattended while sleeping is not something recommended as they might get the bed wet, they might sweat or may even experience severe breathing trouble while sleeping.

Sweating in infants is experienced by many babies, especially the newborns, yet, in most of the cases, it does not have any severe medical complications. However, parents need to keep a check if the baby is sweating excessively as this might be an indication of some other medical problems.

Excessive Sweating In Infants Symptoms

Sweating in infants is very common and in most cases, it is excess bundling that make them wet with sweat. Apart from body sweating, head sweats are also experienced as a symptom of this condition. Some babies also get sweats just in their feet and hand. Very few children also get rashes or redness of skin in the areas, which sweat most.

The amount of sweat may vary from one infant to another and in most cases there is no cause of concern. Some children may even feel irritated due to profuse sweating. Though very rare, sweating while sleeping can be even sign of some other medical condition.

What Causes Excess Sweating In Infants

Some babies sweat more compared to other and might get sweating at any time of the day, while awake or while sleeping. In most cases, it is the room temperature that causes sweating in the babies and controlling the room temperature effectively can help in dealing with the condition.

Many infants, mostly the ones, who are less than six months old sweat as they are over bundled with clothes. Overly active babies also get more sweating compared to the ones less active.

Endocrine dysfunction also causes hyperhidrosis or excess sweats in many infants.

Congenital defects can also be responsible for this condition and in such cases babies will sweat even when at rest. Sleep apnea is also responsible for sweating in babies. Therefore, it is important to monitor the baby properly.

Natural Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating In Infants

Sweating in infants generally do not require any kind of treatment and can be easily controlled by making them dressed properly. It is also recommended to avoid excess bundling with clothes so that they stay comfortable at any season. Parents are also recommended to puff the babies with baby powder so that it can check sweating. Yet, prickly heat powder should be avoided, as they are harsh on baby skin.

If the baby sweats while sleeping, try to adjust the room temperature accordingly for comforting the infant. In case, sweating is just restricted to hands and feet, scrubbing these parts slowly with tomato juice can be helpful. Yet, it should not be tried in babies who are not six months old. Also hydrate the baby adequately to prevent excess sweat.

If the natural remedies do not work, consulting a pediatrician might become necessary.

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