Home Remedies on How to Treat Loose Motions in Children

Children everywhere bring immense joy to everyone. It is natural for every parent to get worried and anxious when their child falls sick. Loose motions in kids are one of the most common ailments seen by pediatricians in their everyday practice. Loose motions or diarrhea as they call it in medical terms is frequent passage of loose and watery stool more than 3 times in a day, sometimes it can exceed even 8 to 10 times. There are many causes for loose motion in kids; it can be due to simply overeating, or perhaps due to food allergies and indigestion.

Eating food contaminated with bacteria and viruses also account for many childhood diarrhea cases. Intestinal parasite such as Giardia lamblia is also responsible for loose motion in kids.

Many times together with frequent loose motions, the child complains of cramps in abdomen or continuous pain. Fever and vomiting are often associated with loose motions. Bloating and decreased food intake is common features when a child is suffering from diarrhea. Blood in stool though not so common may be present in some cases. Since body looses lot of water with loose motions make sure that your child consumes lots of water and fluids to replace the lost body fluid.

Loose motions in kids should not be neglected; parents should always remain alert and observe their child and seek medical help when their child has following symptoms: Signs of dehydration such as dry mouth, loss of skin elasticity, drowsiness and unresponsive, sunken eyes, cheeks and abdomen. Progressive decrease of urinary output, blood in stool or fever more than 102 degree F also needs urgent medical attention.

Home Remedies for Treating Loose Motions in Kids

Several home remedies can be effective in treating loose motions in kids. However any sign of severe loose motions need urgent medical attention.

Home remedies can also complement the prescribed medicines by the pediatrician.

To prevent dehydration give enough water and fluid to your child. Kids like fresh lemon juice. Squeeze few drops of lemon in boiled water and add sugar and salt. This natural electrolyte mixture (oral rehydration solution) helps to balance the electrolyte as well as fluid loss.

During loose motions it is advisable to give your child low fiber food. Avoid certain fruits such as prunes, peach, plums.

Bananas, rice broth and apple are ideal food for kids suffering from diarrhea. Let your child eat pomegranate seeds; sprinkle some salt as per taste. You can also try pomegranate juice prepared at home.

Since kids like apple, give peeled pieces of apple to the child. Apple and pomegranate are time tested home remedies for the treatment of diarrhea in children as well as adults.

Avoid dairy milk, and other milk products. Also avoid fatty foods, spicy and junk foods. Avoid whole grain bread and cereals for a day or two.

Butter milk, yogurt, etc are beneficial home remedies for loose motions in kids as well as in adults. Butter milk and yogurt contain good bacteria that help to establish a healthy intestinal flora and fight against bad germs.

Always give your child boiled water to prevent gastrointestinal infections.

Mixture of dates and honey is an effective treatment in the cure of loose motions in children.

Fresh curry leaves mixed in butter milk also helps to reduce frequency of loose motions.

Carrot soup is a simple home remedy and easy to prepare. Since carrot soup contains water it helps to combat dehydration and replenish the lost salts. The potassium, calcium, magnesium, and pectin present in carrots helps to coat the intestinal lining and reduce the inflammation.


  1. MF

    My one year old baby is having loose motion for last few days. I have read that we should give them lot of fluids in this condition. I want to know what type of fluids I should give him. He likes fluids but I want to know some healthy liquids which I can make at home. Please guide me.

  2. Yam

    My baby is 10 months old and he is suffering from high grade fever,vomiting and lose motion. I am giving him antibiotic,paracetamol and antiemetic for last two days but still the condition is same. Please suggest what should I do?

  3. PRD

    My baby is 7 months old and suffering from loose motion for about last 10 days. I am giving him antibiotics but there is minor relief. Can you suggest me some effective home remedies please.

  4. Raks

    My baby is 8 year old and he is suffering from loose motion for about last 3 days. I am giving him antibiotics but there is minor relief. Can you suggest me some effective home remedies please.

  5. P R

    Our 19 month old girl is suffering from vomiting and loose motion. Please suggest what should we give to her for quick relief?

  6. Andi

    My child is 4 months old and is suffering from loose motions since today morning. About 5 to 6 times today and the consistency of the stool is very much watery. Please suggest some home remedy.

  7. S M

    My Daughter is 5 Months old and she is suffering from watery loose motions since last 6 days, more than 4 times a day. We consulted with the doctor who prescribed some medicines but it is not working. We are very much worried about our daughter. Please suggest some home remedy for this problem.

  8. Kav

    My child is 7 years old he is suffering from loose motion and vomiting from last 4 days. I have already tried giving him ofloxin and emeset but his loose motion has not stopped. Can anybody suggest any alternative remedy.

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