Dark Circles Under Eyes In Children: Causes And Natural Remedies

Dark circle under eyes in children can be fairly distressing for parents. Dark circle under eyes is often considered to be associated with inadequate sleep and nutritional deficiencies. However this may not be completely true for dark circles under eyes in children. Dark circle under eyes in children can be attributed to a host of other causes and treatment would depend upon the underlying cause.

It is important for you to consult with your pediatrician to identify the various causes associated with the condition and the treatment options for the management of the condition.

This article provides requisite information about the symptoms associated with dark circle under eyes in children and their treatment.

There are several veins surrounding the eyes and the nose. Deoxygenated blood drains into these veins and obstruction or slowing down of flow of blood through these veins may result in dark spots around and under eyes in children. This condition is exaggerated in children as their skin is relatively lighter and thinner compared to adults.

What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes In Children?

Nasal congestion is considered to be the primary cause of dark circle under eyes in children. Nasal congestion results in stagnation of deoxygenated blood around eyes resulting in dark circles. Here are some common causes associated with nasal congestion and dark circles under eyes in children,

  • Allergy to certain types of foods like seafood, nuts, wheat, soy or dairy products is one of the most common reasons for nasal congestion and hence formation of dark circles under eyes.
  • Environmental allergens like pollen and dust can also contributed to venous congestion and dark circles.
  • Pet allergies are another common causative factor.
  • Enlarged adenoids are another contributor to venous congestion around eyes which in turn causes dark circles.
  • In relatively fewer cases, iron deficiency anemia can also result in dark circles around eyes.

Symptoms Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles under eyes are associated with symptoms primarily related to nasal congestion or nasal allergy. The symptoms include runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing, watery eyes and formation of hives on the skin. Other symptoms may include tiredness and sleepiness in children, especially when dark circles are linked with anemia.

It is worthwhile to know that dark circles in children are not attributed to sleeplessness. While children, especially younger children, have a tendency to take short naps during the day, if you suspect that your child has sleep irregularities, consult your pediatrician.

Natural Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

The treatment for dark circles under eyes is primarily focused at treating the cause of dark circles which includes nasal congestion. Simple home based treatment therapies like steam inhalation can be very helpful. However there are other home-based treatment options that might be helpful,

  • Dip a cotton cloth in cold water and place it under eyes for about 10 minutes. Cold compression will help in constricting the blood vessels and promote circulation. This will help reduce dark spots.
  • Avoid certain foods that are known to act as allergen for the child.
  • Homeopathic drugs like Sepia and Pulsatilla are very useful in reducing dark spots under eyes in children.

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