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Nervousness During Menopause: Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

Onset of menopause is a stressful time for almost every woman and she initially becomes nervous. It takes some time for them to get accustomed to the hormonal changes. Self-care at home is best way of treating nervousness.

Pain During Periods Symptoms: Causes & Remedies To Reduce Pain

Cramping in lower abdomen is one of the most common symptoms of pain during periods. Pain may even spread to their lower back in some women. Pain is mostly caused by prostaglandins chemicals, produced during menstruation.

Causes Of Depression During Menstruation: Symptoms & Treatment

PMS and PMDD are very common before few days and during the menstrual cycle. Women suffering from PMDD generally go through bouts of severe depression. Major cause lies in the hormonal changes during the menstruation.

Natural Ways To Delay Menstrual Cycle: How To Postpone Periods

Certain foods have a cooling effect on the body and can help postponing of the period dates. These include watermelon, buttermilk and cucumber. Drinking lots of water also tends to have a cooling effect on the body.

Mood Swings During Period: Its Causes And How To Deal With It?

Mood swings are sudden and abrupt changes in emotional state without any apparent reason. During periods, estrogen and progesterone levels are erratic, causing the serotonin levels to fluctuate giving rise to drastic changes in mood.