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How to Reduce Swollen Abdomen after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Swelling after tummy tuck is to be expected. Still, it is not a laughing matter as it can cause severe pain and even death of the affected patient. Reducing swelling after tummy tuck includes options like wearing compression garments.

What are the Long Term Negative Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Despite the increase in technology, it can be said that there are still long term effects of gastric bypass surgery, aside from the known weight loss. Some of the common negative effects of gastric bypass surgery include experiencing fatigue, mood changes, body aches, and dry skin.

How to Reduce or Suppress Appetite Naturally at Home?

There are available methods to reduce appetite naturally. Effective means to lose weight usually entails a lifestyle change characterized by good eating habits and appropriate exercise. Suppressing appetite naturally will work wonders on the health.