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Why Is My Facial Skin So Oily All The Time? Natural Remedies

In some skin types the sebaceous glands are highly overactive and release more oil than is required. The sebum oozes out and imparts a greasy shine to the skin. Your face looks oilier as the skin is thin and exposed.

Symptoms Of Pimples On Face: Causes And Natural Home Remedies

Pimples are pus-filled bumps that appear on the skin due to overactive oil glands or bacterial infection. They appear on areas like shoulders, back, chest and neck but are more commonly found on the face.

Main Causes Of Dry Skin: Symptoms & Natural Remedies To Treat It

Dry skin is mostly caused when the skin loses its moisture or oiliness during the winter season. It can also be caused when temperature is high but humidity level is low. Prolonged sun exposure is another leading cause.

Ingrown Pimple On Nose: Causes & How To Get Rid Of it Naturally?

In grown pimples on the nose is generally the outcome of in routed hair trapped in skin layers on nose. It can lead to irritation, inflammation and pain. Bacterial infections and environmental factors are common reasons.

Common Causes Of Uprooted Nail: Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Injury is the most common cause of uprooted nails. Toenail might get injured while playing or stumbling against a risen surface while running. Swelling, inflammation and tenderness are common signs of uprooted nails.