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Natural Ways And Foods For Prevention Of Lung Cancer

Primary lung cancer is among the leading causes of death in USA and is more common in men. It usually occurs in people above 40 years and the rate increases with age. Smoking is the cause for almost 80% patients of lung cancer.

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose and What are Its Causes?

There are numerous predisposing factors for stuffy nose such as common cold, sinusitis, air pollution and allergies, nasal polyps etc. However, the pathophysiology for stuffy nose is inflammation of the nasal lining caused due to swelling of blood vessels inside the nose. Saline nasal drops, steam inhalation, onion, mustard oil are few home remedies used the get rid of stuffy nose.

Effects Of Fiberglass Dust In Lungs: Fiberglass On Skin Remedies

Fiberglass dust in lungs can cause irritation, bronchitis, and aggravate asthma. Fiberglass dust exposure can also cause skin irritation. Wearing protective gears and cleaning your body with cold and hot water include remedies.

Preventing Asthma Attack In Children: Asthma Prevention In Adults

To prevent asthma attacks in children give them prescribed medications regularly. Keep them away from pollutants like dust and fumes, pollens and dust mites. Respiratory infections should be treated promptly.

How to Get Rid of Sneezing and Prevent Its Occurrence

Sneezing happens when the mucus membranes get irritated. Irritation could be caused by several factors such as animal hair, smoke, dust and other irritants in the environment. Sneezing in itself can be irritating if one doesn’t know how to stop sneezing.