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How To Cope With Prenatal Depression? Causes And Symptoms

Pregnancy brings about lots of hormonal changes and these changes are known to cause depression and anxiety. Moderate depression can be cured with talk therapy, light therapy, acupuncture and meditation.

Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy: Risks, Symptoms & Natural Treatment

Sleep apnea disorder implies breathing disorder specially found in pregnant women. In this condition the sleep disruptions are felt due to sudden stoppage of breathing during the night for a very short span.

Low Fluid During Pregnancy: Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Low fluid pregnancy or oligohydramnios is a health condition in which amniotic fluid level in the amniotic sac gets reduced during pregnancy. It can cause complications like premature labor, fetal malnourishment and cramping.

How To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy? Types Of Contraceptives

Some women get pregnant even after using contraceptive, especially if they fail to take pill on time or due to leakage in condom. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, it is vital to be familiar with various contraception methods.

Causes Of Shivering During Pregnancy: Symptoms And Treatment

Shivering during pregnancy mostly occurs when the woman is affected by urinary tract infection. Pneumonia, appendicitis, preeclampsia and salmonellosis are also some other causes of shivers in pregnant women.