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Tongue Lesions Causes: Symptoms And Home Remedies To Treat It

Tongue lesions are commonly caused due to viral or fungal infection. Some people get lesions on tongue as an allergic reaction, hot drinks or eating hot food. Pain, redness and swelling of the tongue are common symptoms.

Muscle Twitches In Tongue: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Muscle twitches in tongue are closely associated with the nervous system. Some experts doubt that it may also be related to muscle cramps. Primary symptom of this condition is extensive involuntary muscle activity.

Inflammation Of The Tongue: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Inflammation of tongue can cause severe difficulty in eating or drinking and also speech problem in some cases. Irritation caused from burn injury, rough edge of dental appliance or teeth and trauma is the main cause.

Reason For Blackening Of Tongue: Symptoms And Home Remedies

Blackening of tongue refers to a condition in which the dorsal surface of the tongue gets affected, giving it a dark or stained black appearance. The most common reason for this condition is poor dental and oral hygiene.

Fissured Tongue Treatment: What Are Its Causes And Symptoms?

Fissured tongue refers to a rare condition that affects its top surface, causing fissure or deep groove right in the middle. Some fissures may even have clefts, grooves or cracks on the sides or top of the tongue.