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Types Of Brain Infection: Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Brain infection is a serious medical condition and generally occurs, when the brain, spinal cord as well as surrounding structures get severely infected. In most of cases, viruses and bacteria are the cause of infection.

Bleeding In The Brain Symptoms: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

Bleeding in brain or brain hemorrhage is caused due to trauma, drug abuse, leaking of blood vessels and even high blood pressure. Patient may experience sudden seizure, numbness, weakness and difficulty in maintaining balance.

Brain Stroke Treatment Options: What Are Its Causes & Symptoms?

Brain stroke or brain attack is a condition that happens when the brain cells do not receive enough amount of oxygen and start to die. It generally occurs when an artery connecting the brain gets either ruptured or blocked.

Brain Abscess Symptoms: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

Brain abscess refers to a swollen condition of the brain caused due to pus-filling as a side effect to infection. Sudden alteration of mental state, seizures, high fever or even paralysis can indicate brain abscess.