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Causes Of Swollen Optic Nerve: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Difficulty in viewing is one of the most common symptoms of swelling in optic nerve and is mostly accompanied by tender and sore eyes. It is generally caused when immune system attacks the myelin covering of optic nerve.

Increased Pressure In Brain Causes: Symptoms & Treatment Options

Various causes that lead to increased pressure in brain include injury, rise in cerebrospinal fluid pressure, mass formed inside brain or internal bleeding. It is a medical emergency and is treated in the intensive care unit.

Causes Of Brain Seizures: Signs & Symptoms And Natural Remedies

Fever, infection, sleep deprivation or drug allergy that can cause brain irritation can be responsible for seizure. Fuel or oxygen deprivation to the brain, being intoxicated or sedative intake can also trigger this condition.

Blood Clot In Brain Symptoms: Its Causes And Treatment Options

Blood clots in brain are mostly caused due to injury of a blood vessel in the brain. This is a serious medical condition which can lead to Ischemic stroke that prevents the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

Symptoms Of Brain Trauma: Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain trauma is mostly caused when the head gets hurt due to high fall or a blow to the head due to head-on collisions in motor accidents. Unconsciousness, dizziness, headache and blurry vision are some of the common symptoms.