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What Are The Symptoms ADHD In Adults? How To Diagnose ADHD?

Prevalence of ADHD in adults is not well documented but it exists. Symptoms can be vague and difficult to pinpoint. It can affect work, relationships and other aspects of life. Severity of symptoms can vary and tricky to diagnose.

What Is Lewy Body Disease? Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Lewy body disease disrupts the normal functioning of brain resulting into slow deterioration in the mental function. Generally found among elders, it is slow, progressive disorder. Symptoms are similar to that of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

How To Manage Stress At Work? What Are The Causes Of Stress

Work stress can be a triggering factor for many illnesses that include depression, gastric problems, heart disease, exhaustion and low immune level. It can be managed effectively by following a healthy life style and some simple tips.

Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis: Natural Remedies And Treatment

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, progressive and unpredictable disease of central nervous system. Myelin sheath around the nerve fibers is destroyed and to and fro messages from brain are blocked, slowed or misrepresented.

Treatment Of Brain Fog: What Are Its Common Causes And Symptoms?

Brain fog is nothing but a state of mental confusion, where a person feels like a cloud or blankness and is unable to think anything. Most common cause is the imbalance in nutritional status and biochemical process in the brain.