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Treatment Of Hydrocele In Adults: Its Causes And Symptoms

Hydrocele refers to a condition in which a watery fluid buildup is formed around any one testicle or both the testicles. In most cases, patients experience a soft swelling in the scrotum. Actual cause is yet to be deciphered.

What Is Priapism Disease? Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Priapism is a rare medical condition in which the penis gets erected without any sexual stimulation and continues for several hours. Sickle-cell disease is the major cause and almost 42% of adult men get it due to this disease.

Left Testicle Pain Causes: Symptoms & How To Get Rid Of Pain?

Pain in left testicle can be caused due to damage of nerves triggered by prolonged diabetes, accumulation of fluid or injury to the testicles. In severe cases, even the touch of clothing makes the pain unbearable.

Sore And Swollen Testicles: Its Causes And Natural Home Remedies

Testes are vulnerable to kicks and injury while playing contact sports. Testicular pain and swelling is often seen among cyclists and kick boxers. In most cases anti-inflammatory and antibiotics can reduce pain and swelling.

What Causes Infertility In Men: How To Boost Fertility In Men?

Low sperm count and poor motility or any other abnormalities are the main reasons for male infertility. Other causes include genetic defects, issues with body hormones and damage to the reproductive organs due to infection.