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Natural Ways To Reduce Fever In Infants: Most Common Causes

A fever is a sign that the body is trying to fight off an infection. The baby’s head and body will be hot and he will be crankier than usual. The infant’s appetite will decrease and he will show no interest in playing.

Common Causes Of Fever? Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fever

Fever is an increase in the body temperature, temporarily, usually due to an illness. Causes include bacterial or viral infection, heat exhaustion, certain inflammatory conditions in body and some immunizations.

What Can Cause Muscle Spasms In Your Head? Natural Remedies

More often than not, it is stress that is causing the muscle spasms in the head. It may also occur during a panic attack, due to an impinged nerve in the neck, tension headaches or pain and stiffness in the muscles.

Causes Of Inflammatory Arthritis: Symptoms & Natural Remedies

Inflammatory arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition which impairs the tissues connecting the bones. The condition is typified by inflammation, swelling, pain, stiffness, reduced movement and long-term joint damage.

Causes Of Arthritis Of The Hip: Its Symptoms And Home Remedies

Hip arthritis is inflammation of the hip joint and is characterized by pain and stiffness that usually worsens with advancing age. Arthritis may be either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.