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Causes Of High Blood Pressure: Symptoms And Natural Remedies

High blood pressure or is a common health issue in which blood pressure stays unusually high with a 140/90 mm Hg reading or higher. Generally it does not throw any specific symptom and is nicknamed as ‘silent killer’.

Causes Of Swollen Heart: Symptoms & Home Remedies To Prevent It

Swollen heart is the resultant condition of damaged or weakened heart muscles leading to enlargement of the heart. High blood pressure, too much alcohol or drugs intake and lack of physical activities include the causes.

How To Increase Blood Circulation In Legs? What Foods To Eat?

Poor blood circulation in legs can lead to grave health issues, therefore it is essential to know the symptoms and start the treatment immediately. Wearing compression socks, massage and exercise can improve circulation naturally.

Poor Circulation In Legs Symptoms: Its Causes And Home Remedies

Poor circulation in the legs is associated with many conditions, which have a direct impact on the arteries or veins that supply to lower extremities. Symptoms may either be localized or be associated with a systemic symptoms.

What Causes High Pulse Rate? Its Symptoms And Home Remedies

Common reasons for rapid pulse rate include fever, stress, anxiety, exercise, and strenuous work, excess of tea, coffee or alcohol. Medical reasons for high pulse rate include high B.P., thyroid disease, heart disease and bronchitis.