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Causes Of Gray Hair At Early Age: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Hairs go gray when there is no pigment production from color producing cells of hair. Some people get grey hair at early age due to their genes while others get it due to excess stress and tension or excess intake of alcohol.

Natural Remedies For Dandruff: What Are Its Causes & Symptoms?

Itching of the scalp is one of the most recognized symptoms of dandruff. White flakes on the scalp, which often have an oily look is also a common sign. Excess hair fall is also a significant sign of this condition.

How To Take Care Of Curly Hair? Home Remedies To Cure Curly Hair

Some women are fond of getting their straight hairs rolled into curls; while others find it extremely difficult to manage it. People with naturally curly hairs often complain of dryness of their hair and unmanageable tangles.

Natural Ways To Have Thicker Hair: Home Remedies For Thick Hair

Various natural remedies are beneficial to get thick and beautiful hairs. These remedies stimulate hair growth in short time and have no adverse effect. These include coconut oil, onion juice, Indian gooseberry and Henna.

Causes Of Wooly Hair Syndrome: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Woolly hair syndrome is a condition in which the hairs are unusually frizzy and coiled. Dryness or coarseness of the hair makes them prone to breakage while combing. It is mostly found in people of Caucasian decent.