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Causes Of Weak Knees: Symptoms And Exercises To Strengthen Them

Many people develop weak knees as a side effect of a serious illness, while some may develop it because of ageing or after receiving some injury. Those suffering from arthritis have a high risk of having weakness in knees.

Causes Of Kink In Neck: Symptoms And How To Take Care Of It?

Stressing the neck excessively or sleeping in an inappropriate posture leads to kink in neck. People who lift heavy loads or who sit in one place constantly can develop this problem. Symptoms include pain, swelling and stiffness.

Symptoms Of Crooked Neck: Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of It

The typical feature of crook in the neck is that it is associated more with stiffness and limited mobility and less with pain. Hot and cold compress and massage with lavender oil helps reduce stiffness and improve mobility.

What Causes Bone Spurs In Heels? Its Symptoms And How To Treat It?

Spur in heel is a hook like projection on heel bone also called as calcaneal spur, usually found in middle aged people. Women using high heel shoes, obese people and flat footed people are more prone to develop spur in heel.

Bursitis Of The Hip Causes: Symptoms, Exercises And Natural Cures

Bursitis of the hip is the condition when bursae around hip are inflamed. It can be acute or chronic and can last for few weeks. Repeated movements or stress on the hip joint may irritate the bursae and cause inflammation.