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Symptoms Of Madras Eye: Causes And How To Cure It Naturally?

Madras eye or pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. It is a contagious disease and mostly occurs due to viral infection. Tearing from the eyes, itching, pain and crusting are the common symptoms.

Pain In Eyes Due To Cold: Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies

Eye pain in due to common cold or flu is a frequently occurring health condition. It takes place when upper respiratory tract is invaded by virus. It is accompanied by wheezing, cough, fever, headache and irritability.

Causes Of Pain In Eyelid: Symptoms & Home Remedies To Cure It

Pain in eyelids is generally accompanied with soreness of eyelids and is mostly induced by hordeolum and chalazion. Other symptoms may include increased shedding of tears, tenderness in eyelid and swelling.

Watery Eyes Syndrome Treatment: What Are Its Causes & Symptoms?

Watery eyes syndrome is characterized by excess tears that make the eyes look glassy. Excess tears lead to overflowing or dripping from eyes. Watery eyes may occur in windy conditions or due to foreign particle in the eye.

How Do You Get Shingles In The Eye? Symptoms and Home Remedies

Varicella-Zoster is responsible for shingles in the eye. It can affect one or more nerves and the skin surface, leading to painful blisters or rashes. Redness of the affected area and pain is one of the most common symptoms.