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Home Remedies For Nose Boils: What Are Its Causes And Symptoms?

Nose boil is a localized skin infection that usually erupts inside the nostril when the hair follicle gets infected. Initial signs are mild discomfort and itching besides the swelling. In advanced stage pus accumulates inside it.

Possible Causes Of Nasal Polyps: Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Nasal polyps are small non-malignant growths that occur around the junction of the sinus and the nasal cavity. Symptoms include growing nasal congestion which may lead to sneezing. The sneezing is marked with runny nose.

Causes Of Empty Nose Syndrome: Symptoms And Treatment Options

Empty nose syndrome is generally caused due to excess removal of nasal turbinates accidentally during a surgery. Sometimes, they may get drained because of an injury. It significantly restricts the function of the nose.

Eardrum Infection Symptoms: Causes And Home Remedies To Cure It

Infection of eardrum is characterized by severe pain and the person may also experience drainage of excess fluid from the infected area, if there is fluid deposition Hearing may also get affected in some people.