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Reasons For Protein Deficiency: Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Poor or inadequate diet is the main cause of protein deficiency. People born with some genetic disorders also experience this ailment. Certain diseases which cause loss of appetite and muscle breakdown also trigger it.

Symptoms Of Food Allergy: Causes And Herbal Remedies To Treat It

Food allergy is an immune system reaction that makes the body to react unusually to a particular food. Symptoms include itching in mouth, swelling of face, lips or throat, itchy rash on the skin and shortness of breath.

Does Eating Spinach Cause Gas And Bloating? How To Prevent It?

Spinach has high content of dietary fiber and foods that are difficult to digest tend to produce gases in stomach. Drinking water when you eat spinach will help to reduce gas by increasing the efficiency of the gut.

What Can Toddlers Eat After Throwing Up? Diet After Vomiting

Do not force the toddler to eat or drink anything after a bout of vomiting. If the child is willing to eat, avoid milk and dairy products. Make sure that the child eats bland and light foods for a day or two after throwing up.

Is Fasting Good Or Bad For Health: How To Know When To Stop Fasting

Fasting is basically giving the body and digestive system a rest. Fasting could mean to eat nothing for a fixed duration or eat light or any one food group. This means that body basically has to digest lesser food than it usually does.