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How to Prevent Tooth Decay or Dental Problems in Children?

Tooth decay or childhood carries, is the second most common ailment after cold in United States. Sugars present in fruit juices, chocolates and candies, sweet drink, milk formulas etc are among the reason for chilhood caries. Bacteria present in the mouth feed on the sugar and that leads to teeth decay.

Home Remedies for Pain Relief from Bad or Infected Toothache

Teeth are meant for breaking down foods to make way for eased swallowing and digestion. Every now and then, an individual may experience bad toothaches due to an infection or as simple as stuck food particles.

Symptoms of Tooth Cavity and Its Pain Relief Treatment Remedies

The presence of tooth cavity causes mild to moderate pain. This may lead to irreparable damage or loss of the tooth when neglected. There are natural pain relief measures available for treatment.

How To Brush Your Teeth Properly: Benefits Of Brushing Your Teeth

Inadequate cleaning of mouth, infrequent and improper brushing and not following a ‘teeth-happy diet’ can have severe repercussions on dental health. Gingivitis, bleeding gums, caries and cavities are caused due to poor dental hygiene.