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Causes Of Broken Jaw Bone: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Broken jaw refers to the cracking or breaking of the bones located in the jaw area and is generally caused due to impact on the lower part of the face. Besides pain other symptoms include swelling, bruising and tenderness.

Sore Teeth And Gums With Flu: Its Causes, Symptoms And Remedies

Sour teeth and gums can be due to variety of causes ranging from nutritional deficiencies to poor oral hygiene. Sometimes remote cause such as flu can make gums and teeth sore. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also cause it.

Signs & Symptoms Of Receding Gums: Its Causes And How To Treat It?

Receding of gums is a common dental problem and affects people of all ages. It occurs gradually, over a long period of time. Infections in gum tissue, periodontal diseases and aggressive brushing include the causes.

Symptoms Of A Dry Socket: Home Remedies And How To Prevent It?

Dry socket or Alveolar osteitis is complication that usually occurs after tooth extraction. It is caused when the blood clot in the area of extracted tooth dissolves or moves before the wound can heal, exposing nerves and bones.

How To Fix Broken Teeth? Home Remedies For Tooth Pain Relief

A tooth can break due to many reasons like biting on hard things like candy or a bone. They can also break when falling down or getting smacked in the face. Icing the area and gargling with warm salt water is helpful to relieve the pain.