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Causes Of Obesity In Childhood: Parents Role In Preventing It

Main cause of obesity in children is due to too many calories from junk food and drinks. It is complemented by a sedentary lifestyle with very less physical activity. Genetics and hormonal factors are also responsible.

Causes Of Nappy Rash: Symptoms And How To Treat It At Home?

Nappy rash is a form of dermatitis that affects the buttocks and thighs of infants. It occurs mainly due to ammonia that is present in the urine contained in the nappy, which is sometimes left unchanged for a long period.

Mosquito Bites On Baby: Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies

Babies are more prone to get mosquito bites because they are completely unaware of them and do not have the ability to repel the insects on their own. These bites usually cause red bumps with swelling and itching.

Causes Of Nose Block In Babies: Symptoms And Natural Remedies

Nose block is common in babies who are under 6 years. It mostly occurs due to mucous buildup in nasal passage and babies fail to clear it up. It usually gets in the way of feeding and sleeping making the baby uncomfortable.

Home Treatment For Newborn Jaundice: Its Causes And Symptoms

Newborn jaundice or neonatal jaundice is common in babies delivered prematurely. Almost all newborn babies present symptoms of jaundice. While most of the babies get a slight touch, some babies may get severe jaundice.