Home Remedies to Remove Unwanted Chin Hair in Women

Unwanted Chin Hair On Women

Women have always been conscious about their hair and face. That is probably why facial hair is such a big issue. Conditions that actually affect the prevalence of facial hair on the face are as follows:

  • Hirsutism. This refers to a condition that increases hair growth on several areas of the body because of testosterone. This condition usually affects the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, chest, and the pubic area.
  • Hypertrichosis. This describes extra hair growth not caused by testosterone.

How To Remove Unwanted Chin Hair Using Home Remedies

There are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair, especially on the chin area.

Not all cases require the need for professional removal. Most hair can be removed by acquiring hair removal implements from the store and can be done safely at home. The following are examples of home remedies that can be used to remove unwanted chin hair:

  • Razors. Razor blades are still commonly used to remove hair on the chin. Although modern proponents of hair removal would argue that blades are not appropriate for facial hair, lots of women still use it today.
  • Depilatories. Usually in the form of creams and other topical mixtures, depilatory hair removal slowly crumbles the hair follicles. This softens the hair follicle until it can easily be wiped off with a towel.
  • Waxing. This technique uses melted wax that anchors hair as it dries. Hair is trapped within the solidified wax and can be pulled off by grasping the hardened wax and dragging it away from the body. Although it can be quite a painful experience, waxing is very effective and can decrease hair growth in the area. Waxing can remove hair up to a quarter of an inch.
  • Sugaring. This method is done through application of a mixture composed by sugar, water and lemon juice directly in the hair.
    This process can remove hair that is a 16th of an inch long. It is also reported to be less painful than waxing.
  • Threading. This olden form of hair removal is done using thin cotton thread. This pure cotton thread is twisted around the hair follicle and pulled to release the hair. Hair can take up to six weeks to grow back after using this method. The advantage of threading is that no chemicals are involved with the process.

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