How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally with Home Remedies

How to Make Eyelashes Longer

Eyelashes may seem insignificant but these actually are important because eyelashes help protect eyes from foreign contaminants such as debris. These have more or less the same tasks or functions that the whiskers of a mouse or cat have especially since these are quite sensitive when being touched. For instance, eyelashes warn the eye if an object such as a dust mite is near the eye, so that it closes.

In some cultures, having long eyelashes is a sign of femininity, while others trim their eyelashes because they prefer these to be short.

Still, there are some who need to have longer lashes especially since the shorter lashes leave the eye to be much vulnerable. Hence, the need for home remedies to lengthen eyelashes.

Home Remedies for Longer Eyelashes

Long and thick lashes are signs of having healthy lashes. Women try to make their eyelashes longer with the use of different cosmetic products such as mascara and eyelash extensions. What they do not know is that these products can lead to damage of the natural health of the eyelashes. Aside from the cosmetic products or cosmetic surgeries widely used nowadays, there are a lot of ways of getting longer eyelashes naturally. Listed below are the natural remedies that can improve the length of the eyelashes.

  • Studies show that daily intake of vitamins makes one have longer and thicker eyelashes compared to others. Vitamins play a significant role in the improvement of every part of a person’s body and that includes the eyelashes.
  • Apply natural moisturizers such as olive oil and castor oil to the eyelashes at night. This will help in preventing the eyelashes from becoming frail and breakable.
  • Take good care of skin by nourishing it with the essential nutrients. Make sure that the cosmetic products that are used are not harmful to the skin.
    Many of these products contain chemicals that will destroy the skin in the long run. Remove make up, including eyelash mascara or other products, before going to bed.
  • Feed one’s self properly to give the lashes the nutrition it needs. Eat just enough protein to prevent hair loss. Lack of copper in the body can also lead to hair loss. Know the right proportions of every nutrient that the body needs to ensure proper nutrition.
  • Promote healthy growth of the lashes by eating healthy and being aware of the growth cycle of the eyelashes. They grow for 6 months and then fall out to begin a new cycle over again.
  • Use eyelash conditioner that has natural ingredients.

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