Causes of Swollen Spider Bite and Its Treatment Process

A lot of people are afraid of spiders. Well, they do have a cause to be afraid because spiders could actually bite people, have venom, and could cause problems such as swelling and rashes. Also, most spiders are actually venomous as they need to stun their prey. However, the venom is not usually harmful to humans unless the humans are actually allergic to it.

  • When a person is bitten by a spider, the bitten part may become swollen.
  • Often, the bite is not really painful. Still, there are spiders whose bite is actually painful.
  • Also, often there is only one bite because the spider will only bite humans out of self defense.
  • A number of spider bites cause blisters on the skin which could last for a few hours or actually up to 2 days.
  • Can the swollen bite make a person sick? Well, it probably can but is not often the case. Often, the spider bite is harmless to humans.
  • Still, if the bite becomes really painful and the patient becomes really sick, seek medical help immediately.

Red Swollen Spider Bite

  • There are times when the swollen site of bite will become red.
  • This is often the case when the site becomes itchy because of irritation. This could be caused by an allergic reaction towards the bite.
  • Still, having a red and swollen bite sight should not be cause for immediate alarm as this is also experienced in other insect bites.

What Causes Spider Bite to Swell?

Some of the possible reasons why spider bites become swollen include the following:

  • An allergic reaction. Any organism that could bite will probably leave something – such as saliva, venom, and enzymes – unto the site that it has bitten. This also holds true in spiders.
    Thus, an allergic reaction can occur at the bite site.
  • The venom could also cause the swelling.

Home Treatment for Swollen Spider Bite

  • There are harmless varieties and there are also venomous types. It is a good idea to identify the type of spider that bit the patient. This way, the bites of the venomous types can be treated more seriously than the harmless types.
  • For harmless varieties, use an ice pack on the bite site to reduce the swelling. This is also a good option for venomous spiders but the patient must be brought immediately to the hospital.
  • Also, cleanse the area with soap and water to prevent infections.

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