Benefits Of Pygeum For Prostate: Side Effects Of Pygeum Extract

Nature has stored many health benefits in its basket; the only thing you require is to know how to make use of it. Pygeum tree is one such nature’s gift to mankind. Before we discuss the benefits of Pygeum tree, let us know some of the amazing facts of Pygeum tree.

Pygeum is an evergreen plant that grows on high altitudes of South Africa. The bark of Pygeum tree is powdered and used as a natural medicine for various ailments by the natives. Pygeum is also called Pygeum Africanum. The tree is also known by various other names such as Natal tree, African plum etc.

The wood of Pygeum tree is used for burning, while the bark is utilized for medicinal purposes.

The bark of Pygeum tree is powdered and used as a tea by natives of Africa for various genito-urinary complaints. Traditional use of Pygeum bark is to treat symptoms of prostate enlargement. Research is going on to find various other health benefits of Pygeum extract. There are three active chemicals present in the bark; they are Phytosterols, pentacyclic triterpinoids (Ursolic and oleic acids) and ferulic esters. Phytosterol stops the production of prostaglandins that are involved in inflammatory process.

Benefits Of Pygeum Bark Extract For Men And Women

Let us know health benefits of Pygeum bark extract:

  • Benefits For Prostate Enlargement:

Generally after 60 years, many men complain of prostate enlargement symptoms, such as frequent urination at night, dribbling urine, burning sensation in the urethra, incomplete bladder emptying etc. If the condition is not treated, it can lead to urinary tract infection, prostatitis, sexual weakness and even damage to kidney.

Pygeum bark extract is used by many as an alternative treatment for reducing the symptoms of prostate enlargement. Though Pygeum does not reduce the size of prostate, taking the extract of Pygeum bark reduces and controls the symptoms of prostate enlargement and can help to delay and postpone surgery in many cases.

  • Pygeum for decreased libido in men and erectile dysfunction:

BPH (benign prostate Hypertrophy) can lead to decreased libido, pain during ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc. In short the sexual life of men is hampered. A person finds relief in his sexual complaints after taking Pygeum extract.

  • Pygeum is beneficial for urinary tract complaints. Women are known to suffer frequently from urinary tract infection; consuming Pygeum extract may reduce the symptoms such as burning urination, frequency of urine, irritation in the urethra.
  • It can be used for problems related to bladder spinchter.
  • Other uses of Pygeum are as an aphrodisiac and enhancing sexual performance especially in old age. It is also effective in hair loss, and malarial fever.

Side Effects Of Pygeum Bark Extract

Though many people take Pygeum extract without any side effects, it can have minimal side effects in few individuals. If a person finds any of these problems after taking Pygeum he should contact his physician or a natural herbal practioner.

  • Most common side effect with the natural herb Pygeum noted in few individuals is stomach upset after taking the extract. Feeling of nausea and loss of taste which can cause reduced food intake.
  • Diarrhea is another side effect complained by few individuals after taking Pygeum.
  • Headache is another side effect of Pygeum extract.
  • Symptoms such as skin itch and formation of weal, breathing difficulty, swelling of lips and tongue may a hypersensitive allergy; person who experiences it should immediately seek medical treatment.
  • As there is no specific study to support its safe use during pregnancy and lactation, pygeum should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Pygeum should not be given to children.

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