Maqui Berry Health Benefits And Weight Loss: Maqui Side Effects

The maqui berry is linked to Mapuche Indians, which are tribal groups found in South America and are known to have tremendous energy and endurance. Though originally belonging to Chile in South America, it is now commonly found across North and South America.

Deep purple colored maqui berry are considered to be one of the greatest source of anti-oxidants. It is believed that Mapuche Indians consume this berry which is the secret to their energy, strength and endurance. This fruit is loaded with anti-oxidants namely anthocyanins and flavanoids which considered have protective action against toxins, chemicals and exposure to sun.

Maqui berries are used to detoxify the body and protect the body against the harsh effects of chemical toxins.

Health Benefits Of Maqui Berry

Maqui berries are known for the various health benefits. These properties of Maqui berry are attributed to the various anti-oxidants found in the fruit. Some of the clinically proven benefits of the fruit include,

  • Aids in the process of weight loss by suppressing appetite.
  • Enhances metabolism and helps fight fatigue and weakness.
  • Eliminates harmful toxins from the body.
  • Helps lower LDL levels and has a protective action on the heart.
  • Protects against development of cancer and malignancies.
  • Delays the onslaught of aging and prevents the formation of wrinkles, crowfeet, etc.
  • It is beneficial in the management of a wide range of other disorders which include eczema, dermatitis, hair loss, etc.

Maqui berry is loaded with some important anti-oxidants which include polyphenols, anthocyanins and resveratrol. These anti-oxidants help in inhibiting the damage caused by free radical through the process of oxidation. They also oxidize bad cholesterol which aids in fat burn down and protects the heart.

As per a research conducted by the University of Illinois, resveratrol can help suppress appetite and contribute towards weight loss.

Further resveratrol is considered to have protective action against cancer.

As per various experts, an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Test) conducted on maqui berry to understand the concentration of anti-oxidants found in the fruit, it was observed that maqui berry has an antioxidant value of 27600 per 100 grams against 16700 per 100 grams of acai berry. This clearly indicates the Maqui berry has a higher concentration of anti-oxidants compared to other fruits and berries.

Side Effects Of Maqui Berry

Though maqui berry provides several essential health benefits for individuals, there are certain less known side effects of the fruit. Overconsumption of nutritional pills containing maqui berry can result in certain side effects. These include,

  • Dehydration: The antioxidants in the maqui berry enhance the blood circulation in the body. This in turn results in elimination of excess water from the body. Dehydration may set in when the fluid input to output ratio is not maintained.
  • Irritability and inability to concentrate: One of the other side-effect associated with overuse of maqui berry extracts includes excessive irritation and inability to focus or concentrate. The excessive consumption of the supplement may result in confusion and may affect the mental functions of an individual.
  • Fatigue and Weakness: Since Maqui berry primarily help in burn down of fats, excessive consumption may result in excessive metabolism of fat or adipose tissue. This results in burn down of the energy reserves of the body resulting in weakness and fatigue.

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