Recipe For Homemade Barley Water: What Are Its Health Benefits?

Barley is a cereal grain which is great source of fiber, selenium, copper, phosphorous and manganese. The cereal is one of the most widely used ingredients and is commonly found in whole bread and various nutritional supplements. It is also used in distilled beverages like beer.

Barley water has been considered to be a great source of energy and nourishment, so much so that it is commonly used by athletes. Barley water is also used for infants, as it is easier to digest and is usually introduced prior to introducing solid food in their diet.

How To Make Barley Water At Home?

Here are the steps that can help you prepare barley water at home,

  • Add three pints of water in a large pot and add one cup of barley to it. Allow the mixture to boil.
  • Once the mixture starts boiling, lower the temperature and allow the mixture to simmer, so that the water level reduces to half. This helps improve the overall concentration of the drink and also helps in easier digestion.
  • Once the desired levels are reached, allow the mixture to cool down. Strain the mixture to remove the residue. To the clear barley water, add a slice of lemon, some salt and a table spoon of honey. Stir the mixture well and drink it readily.

Recipe For Homemade Barley Water

There are various recipe variations that can be used while preparing barely water,

  • In order to add some taste to the barley water, add freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and honey to the mixture. Avoid adding refined sugar, since it can lead to gastric irritation. While honey can be used as a good alternative for refined sugar, it is important to remember not to add honey to barley water, when it is being prepared for infants.
    Honey can lead to botulism in infants.
  • Add some amount of grated ginger or half a cinnamon stick to the water prior to boil it with barley. Cinnamon is known to improve metabolism and when used in combination with barely can help boost energy. Ginger is naturally known to boost immunity, whilst adding flavor to the drink.
  • Add chopped mint leaves to the barley water. Mint leaves are known to improve digestion and expel gas. Alternatively, one can add freshly squeezed orange juice or cucumber juice to barley water, which can have a soothing effect.
  • Some expert recommends using the barley remains for making porridge or as a thickening agent for stews, soaps and casseroles.

Health Benefits Of Barley Water

Barley water is recommended in individuals suffering from kidney disorders namely cystitis or renal stones. In such cases, barley water should be free of refined sugar products since it is considered to be detrimental for the kidneys. Also, while in most cases, barley water can be stored for a couple of days, it is recommended to prepare it fresh each day.

Though barley water products are readily available over the shelf, it is recommended to prepare your own barely water each day. The entire procedure would not take more than 90 minutes and most importantly it is free from additives and sugars. Regular consumption of barley water as a drink alternative to coffee or tea can help in natural detoxification of the body.

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