Ways To Lower Creatinine Levels In Blood: High Creatinine Causes

Creatinine is the result of a metabolic process and is a byproduct of creatine, which is present in muscles. In most cases, the product is filtered from the blood by the kidneys; however deterioration in kidney functions can lead to elevation of the level of creatinine in blood.

Elevated levels of creatinine can lead to darkish urine, reduced urine output, swelling of the face and extremities, lethargy, fever and fatigue. Very high levels can also lead to complete renal failure.

Causes Of High Creatinine In Blood

Here are some leading causes associated with high levels of creatinine in the blood,

  • Dehydration can result in increased concentration of blood flowing to the kidneys and thereby not only reduce urine output but also limit the ability of the kidneys to filter the blood.
  • Urinary abnormalities like proteinuria or hematuria are often associated with high level of blood creatinine.
  • Poorly controlled blood pressure or renal disorder is also linked with this condition.
  • Diabetic patients are also prone to developing elevated levels of creatinine in blood.
  • Chronic renal dysfunction patients suffering from an acute episode like cold, fever, pneumonia, etc can also lead to transient increase in blood creatinine levels.

Natural Ways To Lower Creatinine Levels

Here are some natural techniques to lower creatinine levels in blood. Most of these tips include dietary and lifestyle modifications.

  • Limit the intake of meat and meat products. Creatine is present in animal muscles which in turn increases the level of creatinine product within the body. Developing a vegetarian diet can help regulate creatinine levels.
  • Strenuous physical activity can lead to increased muscle metabolism, resulting in elevated levels of creatinine in the blood. However research suggests that moderate level of activity can actually help in improving the overall outcome of the condition. Consult a physician to understand the most optimum workout schedule.
  • Increase the intake of water. Water helps flush the kidneys and aids in detoxification of blood. Water also considerably dilutes the blood which in turn makes it easier for the kidneys to perform its functions.
  • Limit the intake of proteins in your diet. Protein rich foods like bean, yolk, etc should be avoided. Restrict the intake of salt or foods containing salt. Salt can lead to retention of water, which in turn can put additional strain on the kidneys. Also avoid the intake of processed or refined foods, as these foods are loaded with preservatives and interfering with normal metabolic processes.
  • Prepare an herbal tea comprising of nettle leaf. Nettle leaf is a powerful tonic for improving kidney functions and thereby aids in improving creatinine levels. Select fresh nettle leaves and boil them with a cup of water. Let the mixture simmer for some time. Consume the mixture after straining it, with or without honey. Don’t add refined sugar or other synthetic products.
  • Homeopathic drugs namely Nitric Acid and Lycopodium have a very strong influence on the kidneys and are known to improve liver function. While these medicines can be taken in low potency, it is recommended to use these remedies as guided by a trained homoeopathic doctor.

Regularly consult your physician if you suffer from other chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension. Effective management of these conditions can also help in reducing creatinine levels in the blood.

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