Breast Enlargement Remedies: Fenugreek For Increasing Breast Size

Having larger and fuller breast is universal desire of every woman. Since young age, girls are conditioned to believe about the importance of their outer beauty. Many women feel depressed and inferior due to small sized breast. Although they know that large size breast comes in inheritance, women try end number of breast enlargement methods in the hope of increasing the size.

Below are given some of the home remedies and techniques that are unique and natural for breast enlargement. Also they are inexpensive and without any side effects, in comparison with costlier breast augmentation plastic surgery.

Home Remedies For Breast Enlargement

  • For cosmetic appearance of breast enlargement, one of the simplest ways is to wear padded bra.
  • Exercise to make your pectoral muscles stronger. This will make the breast to appear larger in size. To augment the breast size you have to stand in front of a wall at an arms distance. Now place your palms on the wall and try to push the wall without bending your elbow. It is good exercise to strengthen pectoral muscles which are situated below the breast.
  • The other way to strengthen your pectoral muscles is to use pestle and mortar in the kitchen to grind instead of using an electrical grinder.
  • Another simple way to make your pectoral muscles work hard is to rotate your hands clockwise and anticlockwise at least 8 to 10 times in a day.
  • Do regular gentle circular breast massage from inside to periphery. While doing so apply outward and upward pressure.
  • Wear clothes that enhance the size of your breast. Avoid wearing clothes that make your chest look flat.
  •  Applying oil of Sesame seed on the breast is known to make it firm. Also people have experienced firmness and increase in breast size with regular consumption of sesame seed in their diet.
  • Another way to enlarge the breast is to become fat. Although being fat or gaining excess of weight is not advisable due to other undesirable consequences, women who are thin and have flat chest should try to gain weight and simultaneously do breast enlargement exercises.
  • Recently it has been found that young women and teenage girls who eat meat and poultry which is treated with certain chemicals and hormones such as estrogen have experienced enlargement of their breast.
  • Food which contains excess of sugar or eating sugar rich foods will have it effect in increasing the overall weight together with enlargement of breast size.
  • Eating grape seed extract is also known to be beneficial in breast enlargement natural therapy.

How To Use Fenugreek For Increasing Breast Size?

Since olden days the spice fenugreek is considered to be a natural breast enlargement remedy. It is also given to lactating women to produce good quantity of milk. Estrogen is the hormone that is considered to be instrumental in determining the size and fullness of breast. During puberty the level of estrogen in women starts to increase and thus the breast tissue also grows.

Fenugreek has capability of acting like estrogen; it also triggers production of prolactin a hormone responsible for production of milk in a nursing mother. Both the hormones are important for breast growth.

The spice fenugreek can be used in several ways. It is available in fenugreek capsules in many herbal food stores. Take the capsule as per the manufacturer’s recommendation written on the bottle. Most of the time, these capsules are also complemented with other herbs.

You can also eat water soaked fenugreek seeds on previous night. 8 to 10 seeds are enough. They can be consumed with water or with milk. You can also apply water over the breast in which fenugreek is soaked and massage the breast.

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