Types Of Bone Bruises: Causes, Symptoms & Homeopathic Remedies

Bone bruises are more popularly known as bone swelling or bone contusions. It affects the medullary part of the bone, which is primarily made of fibrous tissue and is usually a stage before the fracture of the bone. Bone bruises occur mostly in the knee bone, the thigh bone, as well as the heel, ankle, wrist, or hipbone.

There are three kinds of bone bruises. These include:

  1. Subperiosteal hematoma: In this kind of bruise the periosteum – a thin covering over the bone gets injured.
  2. Interosseous bruise: This bruise involves bleeding inside the hollow region of the bone where the marrow is located.
  3. Subchondral bruise: This takes place when an injury causes the cartilage to separate from the bone.

What Are The Causes Of Bone Bruises?

Bruises on bones are inflicted by accidental injuries. These injuries mostly happen in the following conditions:

  • Sports injuries: Rough and tough games like football or hockey can expose the player to injury risks. The knees, shin, ankles and the ribs are commonly affected with bruises.
  • Twisting: This can happen when you misplace a foot or trip and fall over leading to a sprained ankle or knees.
  • High velocity impact on a bone: When the bone receives a severe blow due to a sudden crash or a high fall, it often leads to a bone bruise.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Bruised Bone

A bone bruise is commonly marked by severe swelling and excruciating pain depending on the severity of the blow or sprain. The swelling and pain may last from few days to weeks, again depending on the seriousness of the injury. At times the bruise is accompanied by discoloration. If the bruise is inflicted around a joint, it may cause the joint to swell as blood gets accumulated around the region.

Bone bruises can be healed by applying icepack or ice wrapped in thin cloth over the injured area.

This reduces the swell and causes the pain to subside. If the swelling lasts for too long and pain becomes unbearable, it is advisable to contact a physician to know the exact nature of the damage. If the bruise isn’t severe, homeopathic treatment can used as a first aid remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies For Bone Bruises

Homeopathic remedies help immensely to soothe bone bruise pain and swell. Some well known Homeopathic medicines include:

  • Arnica montana: This medicine can be used to treat bruises caused by blunt objects, minor sprains and strains, and small muscular exertion.
  • Bellisperennis: If the injury damages the deeper tissues, BellisPerennis can be used to heal the bruise. It cures bruises that arnica fails to cure.
  • Calcareaphosphorica: This remedy works well for bruises that are accompanied with a cold and numb feeling. This medicine helps to accelerate the healing process.
  • Hypericum: Bruises caused by crushing injuries that affect many nerves together like smashed toes and fingertips can best be cured with this remedy.
  • Ledumpalustre: If the bone gets bruised due to sprains and strains this medicine can be used along with ice-packs.
  • Millefolium: This remedy can be used to heal bone bruises that are accompanied by persistent bleeding such as nose bleeding after injury.
  • Other important homeopathy remedies for bone bruises include Rutagraveolens, Phosphorus, Symphytum and Sulphuricumacidum.

Homeopathic remedies can cure minor bone bruises effectively and without any side effects. However, for major bruises, it’s important to consult a physician.

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