Blisters On Legs And Feet: Causes And Home Remedies To Heal Them

Blisters on legs are eruptions that contain a watery fluid trapped in it. The eruptions may vary in size and may either be painless or painful. At times, it is formed as a defensive measure to prevent further damage to the skin. More often than not blisters may lead to infections. Sometimes, the eruptions may contain blood. Such blisters are commonly known as a blood blister.

What Causes Blisters On Legs And Feet?

Leg blisters can be caused due to many reasons. It is often caused by eczema. What begins with a rash soon grows into an inflammation and finally turns into blisters.

Leg blisters may also be caused due to dermatitis – a term used for a variety of conditions that lead to skin lesions.

Other possible reasons are diabetes, chemical imbalance or arterial problems. These diseases cause blood to circulate poorly in and around the leg because of which certain areas on the leg may not receive the right amount of nutrients thereby leading to blisters.

Leg blisters are also caused due to physical damage to the skin. This happens when the skin comes in touch with a hot surface or when the skin is exposed to severe sunburn. Extreme friction against a hard surface such as when the shoes rub against the skin can also cause blisters.

People allergic to chemicals or particular fabric can easily contract leg blisters. Environmental factors such as fungal or bacterial infections can trigger leg blisters too.  Another possible reason might be water retention in the legs which primarily happens because of hormonal changes, excess consumption of salty foods, premenstrual syndrome, side effects of some medicines etc.

Home Remedies To Heal Blisters On Legs

Minor blisters on the leg, like ones caused due to tight shoes, usually heal on their own.

Other forms of blisters can be effectively cured with home remedies. These include:

  • Cold Compresses: If you are suffering from painful blisters on the leg, this might provide relief from pain.
  • Consume and apply Garlic: Garlic boosts blood circulation. Eating few garlic cloves daily can be extremely beneficial. To hasten healing, we can also rub garlic oil or apply garlic powder on the affected area.
  • Consume Vitamin C: The antioxidant nature of Vitamin C can help cure ulcers and blisters faster. Oranges, green vegetables, guava, broccoli, and parsley are very good sources of vitamin C.
  • Apply Witch Hazel: Witch hazel contains astringent tannin – a chemical that can cure blisters fast. Applying witch hazel three times every day can be very helpful.
  • Apply Epsom Salt: Astringents help in reducing the size of inflamed cells and tissue. Epsom salts are a natural astringent and so applying it to the area can heal the disease.
  • Sometimes the blister on the leg may burst, making the area vulnerable to infection. In such cases, bandage the area and apply tea tree oil over the bandage to stop the infection from spreading.

Checking blisters on legs with home remedies is a very cost effective way of curing the disease. Most importantly the cure is permanent and has no side effects.

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